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Errangement Memmory May. 28th, 2007 @ 03:50 am
I know I haven't been updating much, but alot has happened. Well not exactly alot, but yeah, enough.

There is a revelation at hand. I might be moving out of my current home (along with my younger sister too) to live with my aunt & uncle since they are buying a new house sometime this coming summer. But, there are 2 conditions.
  • Actually GET my driver's license
  • Go back to school
Getting a(nother) job doesn't really matter, but I can if I wanted too (planning on it also). Now before all my crazy friends find out about this, I'll tell you a little bit about my home.

I've been living here since I was wee months old and have practically grown up in this house. Life is ok (occasional occurences of me wanting to commit mass murder, a.k.a. "the usual") and pretty much decent. I am jobless :\, all the beds I've had since living here have sucked (a few singles, a double, queen sized, currently with a single). I've switched rooms 5 times (5th being my current room now, The Basement (TM) ) and have rearranged my current room 8 times (Moving down 'Alpha' The old school station infront of the TV and having duel monitors set up 'beta' Setting up a better station '1.0' getting rid of the queensized bed '1.5' my sister's comp station being moved to her room '1.9.11' Re-arrangment to make my room more lannable '2.0' Remodeled the room '2.5' and it's current setup '3.0' with minor adjust ments '3.1.9').

Now my room (The Basement (TM) isn't a really big room, but alot of memories have been made here since the year 2001, since I first moved down here; (in no particular order) Game gatherings, chilling out, lan parties, talks, and possibly just all around social interaction (and those other goodgreatfucking awesome times ~.^) It's where I (and many of my friends) discovered many things (Uber combos in Tony Hawk, the retarded amount of starcraft and counterstrike we've played, getting Doom 3 to run, D&D). That since 2001 and for the people who have known me for that long (and others I don't seem to come in contact with anymore, but do have a history in my room) have celebrated, has have fits and done plainly retarded things in my room. This would be an end of era, a place I have proudly called my room (I think at one point, called 'The Den' also O.o). I think I would definately cry should I come to leave this room, but what am I to do? There are those times when one must leave the den (O.o) and venture out.

To the times that should of remained timeless.
To the fun that should always should be remembered.
To the friends who have moved on.
To the conversations, arguments, shouting and scrub calling.
To the tower of Kraft Dinner!
To the rockin' LAN chair.
To the time I owned everyone in SF3.
To the end of an age.
To the end of an era.
To the end of the LAN.
My room will live on as hard printed memory in the whole DotSlashSlash group.
Current Location: My Room
Listening too: Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division

"A 'Ceremony' Ripoff" May. 8th, 2007 @ 11:37 am
ive been wondering when
all those times, they didn't count
wen you scream the loudest
all the fun-time didnt pass

turn again-isee you laughing
if it were trivia id lose first
ust to see a smile

id break the rules
id come over
wont turn arownd
staying till no sorrow dawn

picture this i know yor life
dancing fun a ballad thing
think of this a cermony
wander forever

turn again-isee you laugh
stop 'n kiss
ust to see a blush

id come over
nd break the rules
wont turn arownd
staying till no sorrow til`dawn

watching forever, ever, and ever
seeing love go by
seeing yer ceremony
just go by
travel fast this time

heaven knows, i try to stop
but i keep seeing, keeps hurting
picture me and then you start watching
watching, watching, me hurt, forever

I ripped off 'ceremony' didn't i?

Im 19 Apr. 3rd, 2007 @ 09:25 am
Im 19.

Birthday was yesterday (April 2).

I have money.
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